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Welcome to our ADD, Autism, Asperger's, Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities, Academic and Behavioural Issues and Acute and Chronic brain Injuries information page!


1: My Child with Autism

In this short video Marguerite Dwyer talks about her experience using Alkaline Ionised Water and how it helped her with a severe skin condition called “Dermatitis”. She feels that there is very little use if at all now for steroid creams to treat the Dermatitis break-outs after using this type of water and explains how in this video.

She continues to explain the huge benefits she saw with her son Gearoid who has Autism and what this has done for her entire family and quality of life. Any parent who has a child with Autism we would encourage you to take the time to view this short video.


2: 5 Years Later Follow Up Interview - My Child with Autism 

In this video Declan Dore does a follow up interview with Marguerite Dwyer (Lady from the short six minute video before this one) on how she and her entire family is getting on 5 years after our first interview!

Here you will learn what she done with her 3 autistic kids and how 5 years on it is like having a whole new life from following simple routines. 


3: Brain Injury Recovery with Declan & Edgar

In this video you will learn from two men who have used Alkaline Ionised Water to help them recover from serious brain injuries!  

Dr. Corinne Allen Video's & Research

The below videos will clearly share with you how and why Margaurite and her family received such great results!


4: Dr Corinne Allen - Your Brain On Water

Dr Allen is an International Author, Lecturer, Researcher and Practitioner in Natural Health, Nutrition and Neurodevelopmental Health for over 30 years. She is an expert on how to affect brain health, learning and behavioural problems without using drugs. She's a recognised Healthcare Leader for her natural and practical approach to health regarding natural and alternative methods of stimulating permanent changes in the brain for issues like ADD, Autism, Asperger's, Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities, Academic and Behavioural Issues and Acute and Chronic brain Injuries.


5: Keys to Brain Health with Dr. Corinne Allen

This is a great follow on video from the previous one "Your Brain on Water" as Dr. Allen shares with you before and after pictures and videos of her clients from following her protocol's in her clinic. The difference is very inspiring!

Clinical Studies & Research

From Dr. Corinne Allen: “Research and Science, with documentation and resources on The Science & Practical Uses of Electrolyzed, Ionized, Micro-clustered water in Brain and Neurological Functions. This information will astound you in how powerful this water really is. It will provide you documentation to show your doctor or other health care practitoners, your family and friends, what Science says about Electrolyzed Reduced (ionized) water and how to use it for neurological problems. Read and print the Scientific evidence of the remarkable achievements of what Electrolyzed Reduced water can and has achieved in documented studies on the brain and neurological disorders. This research which I have being researching for years, covers topics like Anxiety, Anorexia, Alzheimerʼs, Arteriosclerosis, Bacterial infections, Depression, Bi Polar, ADD, Autism, Memory, Cognition, Parkinsonʼs, ALS, Dementia, Insomnia, Post Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke, Heart Attack, Seizures, MS, Obsessive Compulsive, Touretteʼs, Stress and much more. This information is invaluable and needs to be shared with those who are open to listening and wanting to make a difference.”

Free Downloadable Documents

Some Clinical Studies and Research Papers on Electrolysed Ionised Water

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