The Dore Way to Productivity & Sales

3 Effective Strategies to Increase Energy, Productivity and Sales!

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"I can teach you to get the numbers, but I much prefer to teach you how to connect with people."


The DORE Way To Increased Productivity & Sales!

Do you ever find yourself struggling with the following:  
  • Meeting sales targets
  • Struggling to handle NO's 
  • Overwhelmed and stressed
  • No system to stay productive
  • Not enough time in your day
  • Energy levels low and finding it hard to keep going
Well I know exactly how you feel if you said YES to any of the above as I felt the same way until I developed the tools and systems to get me though those tough days. Having overcome a serious brain injury at the age of 21 where I had to "Sell myself" into learning how to walk, talk and get the use of my face back, it was not until some time later that I discovered the power of sales and how it's first got to start with your own self talk. 
After this huge life shifting situation, I found myself getting involved in sales which I thought I would never see myself doing. During my early career with an international insurance company, I climbed the ladder at a remarkable pace, breaking company sales records and being promoted to management level very quickly. I then found myself de-constructing my approach to form a simple-to-learn and highly effective framework and system which I then used as training material for the management and executives of the company. Of course, this was all before I left the insurance company due to the increasing trend towards 'doing whatever it takes to get the sale', which ultimately clashed with my own personal ethics.

Sales in Any Context

Having won large contracts for one of my own businesses, which resulted in servicing clients such as Honda, Nissan and Lexus, I also helped to introduce, grow and expand a worldwide direct marketing organisation into Europe through my sales and training services. Likewise, I helped a 40-year old Japanese company to successfully expand into the European marketplace, thus illustrating my sales expertise in a B2B or B2C context.

In doing all the above I also developed productivity tools which now sell all over the world through Amazon. Being productive is so important when it comes to increasing sales and I would love to share this with you at this free training event also. 

This system offers you guidance to learn my approach to develop courage and improve your results while living life with more passion and direction!

"Since I started working with Declan my business and sales have grown exponentially. I am learning, fast, about my own inner potential and now have the skill set to approach every curve ball with excitement and enthusiasm and not get overwhelmed by it all. Thank you so much for having such a positive impact on my life which has had a domino effect right on into my family, friends and work environment!"

David King
Business Owner - King Fitness, Athlone, Ireland

"I attended a workshop which Declan was running in his training centre and since then both my life and business have been dramatically improved. Everything from my productivity, where I was feeling overwhelmed most of the time to now feeling more in control, to increasing sales. He shared with me simple tools I was able to implement straight away which produced results for me instantly! I highly recommend Declan to anyone looking for help or guidance in managing their life and their work."

Jennifer Mulqueen
Entrepreneur, Limerick, Ireland

"My business is to help close deals over the phone which can be pretty daunting. Before I meet Declan I was struggling. Sales were trickling in but not enough for me to survive. A few sessions with Declan and Boooom! I closed my biggest deal which earned me over $5,000 in commissions. Simple steps which he taught me made all the difference and now closing sales is so much easier and enjoyable!"

Andres Ospina
International Sales, Cork, Ireland

"I have been reading around sales, energy and health (just to mention a few subjects) for the past 2 years so it was great to see how you pulled it all together to produce results when I attended your workshop. Your energy is remarkable and your intuition is a real gift. Keep it up and thank you very much!”"

Ed O' Donoghue
Sales Manager, Electricity Exchange, Limerick, Ireland

This event will be particularly useful for... 

  • Business owners
  • CEO'S 
  • Sales teams
  • Managers 
  • Networkers


This event is for you if:

  • You are ambitious
  • You are interested in personal development
  • You want to improve the results that you're getting
  • You're looking to gain more control over the priorities in your life 
  • You like to be around people of a positive energy and of positive mindset

Date: Wednesday 27th March 2019

Time: 6:30 pm - 8:00pm

Venue: Bank of Ireland WorkBench, 1st Floor, 22 Mainguard Street, Galway City

FREE EVENT: Registration Required


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