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"The success of the whole event was largely due to Declan's enthusiasm and eagerness to engage with attendees. He connected with the audience immediately through his experience and positive energy. Feedback after the event was amazing. I don't remember when I ever had so many positive comments and personal messages in the past. It was a pleasure to work with him before and after the event. I hope to have more speakers like Declan in the future and would highly recommend him. "

Adam Rosicky
Event Planner, Entrepreneurs Anonymous, Cork, Ireland

"Of all the talks I’ve been to yours has really left a profound imprint in my thoughts. You have inspired and influenced me with your own life shifting experiences and I thank you for sharing. You are one incredible organic presenter and I urge you to do more of it!"

Laura O’ Connoll
Event Organiser, Cork Entrepreneurs Network, Ireland

"When I first heard Declan speak, I knew he had that spark from the 1930's personal develpment movement. He had that shine and personal charisma and really connected with the audience. I was immediately impressed as were many members of the audience. I just knew this is a guy that has it going on and I want to learn more from him."

Andrew Brett
Branding Consultant, Via Brett


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Get notified of News and Events from Declan Dore