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About Declan

Declan has a unique story of life transformation, which included many difficulties on his path to living a life of his choosing. Obstacles and difficult times that Declan got through include:

  • Life threatening Brain Injury 
  • Being told at 21yrs old that he might never again walk, talk or get the use of his face back
  • 2008 financial crises forcing him to close down what was a successful business 
  • Dealing with stresses from the bank to repossess his family home due to remortgage for business 
  • Standing at the river Shannon on many occasions wanting to make things easier by jumping in to stop the pain 

In Declan's Words...

"I remember that day so clearly back in 2004 when this team of doctors stood at the top of my hospital bed and spoke about me as if I was not there. As the head doctor picked up my chart he stated to his interns "This young man might never again walk, talk or get the use of his face back due to...." As I lay there I had this feeling of confusion, then anger which thankfully turned into certainty. Certainty that I was going to prove this doctor wrong and I would make a full recovery. The road was long, bumpy and tough but I eventually got back on my feet and smiled to my mother as she helped me walk, well, more like shuffle through the doors of the regional hospital in Limerick 45 days later. I thought I had just overcome my hardest challenge in life but little did I know my journey was just starting." 


Media Release

"Inspirational Event to help you uncover your inner strength and overcome any obstacle in 2019 and beyond.
Declan Dore, inspirational speaker and personal development consultant from Limerick, has an amazing story of recovery from a life-threatening brain trauma, as well as the other 'breaks of life' as he calls them - such as overcoming heartbreak, loss of identity, financial struggles and more.
Declan will share some of his techniques to help people to connect to their inner strength to overcome any struggle and to achieve their goals.
Limerick Strand Hotel, Ennis Road, Limerick City. 13th January 9.30am-1.00pm. Tickets free but registration is essential. Further info on"




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