In Memory of Sister Sabina Staff

An inspirational lady right up to her last day who has left behind a huge positive legacy.

Below is some videos and pictures from this one in a million lady! 

Channel 5 News UK

Mother Teresa of Birmingham

11th August 2019

Lovely gift Sister Sabina purchased for me in Knock the last time we meet and her last trip to Ireland. Her fun loving humour shines through in this short video especially when I ask her "is that the truth"

23rd August 2018

Fun video where we spent time together hanging out while she was over from Birmingham on holidays. Sister Sabina shares some of life's golden nuggets with of course plenty of humour and laughs added in.

27th August 2017

How Sister Sabina has such an incredible memory!

You've Got Mail

I always loved receiving mail in the post from Sister Sabina. You ware always guaranteed a few stories and of course when to expect her next trip home to Limerick, Ireland. Her writing as you will see here is something very special and one thing I will miss dearly!

Full Interview With Sister Sabina

Below is a full 90 minute interview I done with Sister Sabina bank in August 2018. I am so happy and grateful to have had this experience with her to share with those who would like to hear her life story. Well worth taking the time to sit back and enjoy her amazing stories!


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